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Body shaper (Knee)

  You too can benefit from the full-body control on offer with our collection of quality knee-length Body Shapers.

  Our range of Candy Girl Impressive garments will help you shape your hips and thighs, flatten your tummy, lift your bum naturally, trim your waist, smooth out bra-bulges & love handles while enhancing your overall posture.


Look Fabulous Every Time

Perhaps you’ve often wondered how celebrities manage to appear so red carpet fabulous all the time; its great body shapers like these that will help you unlock the secrets to looking even better in any dress or outfit.


Create a Firm Impression

This natural body shaper was designed to offer firm body control from your shoulders down to your knees by creating localized compression levels to sculpt & enhance your body shape perfectly.


Take Back Your Shape

You too can boost your confidence by looking great, especially after childbirth or undergoing surgical procedures.


Undetectable Body Shaper

This full-length body shaper for women can be worn under your favorite figure-hugging dresses, slack suits,  jumpsuits, shirts, blouses, or jeans outfits and it will go to work by adjusting perfectly to your body and shaping your contours.


Natural Full-Body Enhancement

This natural body shaper will help you look perfect on your wedding day or any other special occasion.


Support & Comfort

You’ll find comfortable cotton barriers and support padding that make this body shaper highly recommended for daily use.

Superior Quality Design

The firm compression fabric was designed to sculpt your body into a smoother silhouette from your shoulders down to your knees. Its microfiber inner layer is soft, refreshing, and offers up abundant comfort and breathability.

Your Secret Weapon

This number 1 body shaper could turn out to be your closest ally at any social event.

They are also available in assorted sizes depending on your preferences from thong to panty, and mid-thigh to knee-length.