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Body shaper (boy short) 1515

 You too can get that attractive summertime shape by safely eliminating saggy lower body fat!

With the Candy Girl Impressive Body Shaper Girdle for Women, you have a mid-thigh open-bust bodysuit designed to mold and transform your body into a curvier, more attractive version of yourself.

It is a safe & natural way to give your buttocks an impressive lift.

This easy to wear accessory will turn any muffin bottom into smooth curves.

Also, there are remarkable shapewear bodysuits that guys can use to solve all their hormonal balance issues.

  • Maidenform 

Our ranges of Candy Girl Body Shaper products are perfect for taming your torso, tummy & hips as well as for curbing post-pregnancy fat accumulation.

  • Safety

Doctors sometimes recommend our body shapers as post-pregnancy body recovery tools you can use without the negative side-effects associated with surgical procedures.

  •  Achieve Balance

You can wear it every day to establish a balance between your torso and the rest of your body by using a proven method for providing tummy support and shaping maternity thighs.

  • Full Vests & Corsets for Waist Training

Our vests and waist trainers can be used to achieve that highly sought after shapely figure almost immediately.

  • Controlled Pressure

They come with a back cover that will enable you to control the amount of pressure you wish to be exerted on your abdomen, torso, and knees so you can dazzle everyone in any outfit or dress without feeling discomfort.

  • Suitable & Snug

You’ll find well-designed, adjustable straps that flex and contour perfectly around your body to minimize rolling or slipping during the most intense workouts.

  • Wide-Ranging Uses

Our body shaping garments are tools that come highly recommended as long-term solutions for specific medical conditions, such as bad posture and scoliosis.